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Parents Corner

Dear Stars Parents,
Parental support of our athletic team is vital, and greatly appreciated. In order to provide a positive climate for coaches and players to do their best, eliminate distractions that might negatively impact the program, model good sportsmanship, and comply with USA Hockey rules, we are asking for your support by following the Parents Code of Conduct.

We strongly encourage your active, positive support of your child, and look forward to your attendance at the games and other sponsored activities. The concept of sportsmanship however must be taught, modeled and reinforced by adults. The parents/guardians of athletes must maintain self-control and demonstrate proper perspective as it relates to winning and loosing.  It is important to remember that an athletic contest is only a game.

Please show respect for others by refraining from booing or yelling derogatory comments or remarks from the stands towards our opponents, coaches, officials or players.  Personal insults or abusive, foul language wll not be tolerated.  Violations may result in penalties against the team and ejection of the offender.

Parents shall not confront or seek to conference with coaches or officials during or immediately after games, except in cases of injuries or emergency medical treatment for their child.

Conferences with the Coach to discuss or critique their game preparation, coaching strategy, or the status of other players will not be held. Concerns in this area may be expressed to the Stars Director of Hockey or Coaching Committee. Any conference to discuss your child's status must be scheduled with the Coach in advance.

Other forms of behavior that are disruptive to the game, or others enjoyment of the game will not be allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, approaching the bench area while the game is in progress, or attempting to coach your child or direct other players during games or practices.

Be supportive of your child's efforts and the efforts of his teammates - be encouraging rather than negative regardless of the outcome of the game.

All parents will be required to sign the Parents Code of Conduct in the presence of their coach and a Stars board member.

Please feel free to communicate any issues/problems or comments with our Coaching Committee.

KC Stars Board of Directors