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Equipment List

The following equipment is listed in the order that it needs to be put on!! Trust me!!

1. Jock Cup and Supporter
2. Garter Belt -OR-
3. All in one Compression Pants or Jock shorts with cup and Velcro Tabs (replaces 1 & 2)
4. Hockey Knee pads with Shin Guard
5. Hockey Socks
6. Hockey Pants, also known as Breezers
7. Pant suspenders if needed
8. Hockey Shoulder Pads
9. Hockey Elbow Pads
10. Practice Jersey
11. Game Jersey (Can be purchases from the Pro Shop, orders are turned in as a team)
12. Neck Guard
13. Hockey Skates (Must be Sharpened Regularly)
14. Ice Hockey H.E.C.C. Approved Helmet with Protective Mask or Shield and Chin Strap
15. Mouth Guard
16. Hockey Gloves (proper fitting size works best)
17. Ice Hockey Stick Cut to Proper Size and taped. Rule of thumb: Nose height in street shoes, Chin height in skates.
18. Hockey Tape (to keep any loose equipment in place)
19. A BIG BAG TO CARRY EVERYTHING IN (Roller bags are nice for younger players)